Sunday, April 25, 2010


And now for your favorite Sunday afternoon game show...Will It Leak?!?!

Locked and loaded...what, you thought I was going to put in the G10?  Ha!  Fat chance!

I really should have filled this with warm water...

Dry as a bone!  Next stop the Carribbean!

Mel tested, Mel approved!  (still a little queasy but no guts, no glory)

Friday, April 23, 2010

I 95 the culmination...

Wiki dictionary defines culmination as, "The attainment of the highest point of altitude reached by a heavenly body; passage across the meridian; transit; Attainment or arrival at the highest pitch of glory, power, etc."

A decade is a fairly long time.  A decade is how long Zoe Strauss has been exhibiting her work on the concrete support pillars which carry Interstate 95, and its travelers, over her home ground on the first Sunday in May.  The nexus of the work is her home of South Philadelphia but has grown to reflect our country and finally, this year, the world.  This is the last year that this work will be shown in this way, in this (its rightful) place.

On Sunday, May 2 at 4:00 PM a wave will begin on Front Street and roll all the way to the back (a very long block away) with the 231 prints coming down and going home with those who have, whether faithfully or recently, come to know Zoe and her work.  They will be carefully carried from this gallery of noise, fumes and dirt to be cherished as much as any million dollar piece in a collector's vault.  It is a wonder to behold.

I am able to make the trip again this year.  This is not a Photography Show.  This is not an Art Show.  This is an event which enriches and engages the eye, the mind and the spirit in a way that the aforementioned so rarely attain.  If you are going to be there and would like to meet for coffee or a drink email me.  If you're not going/able to be there I am sorry.