Monday, February 1, 2010

Care package


There has been a good bit of talking about the future of photography books recently.  Some interesting ideas, some not so much.  Noah Beil's artist book This is Not My Sky stands as an example of taking control of your own destiny.  The care with which he has hand set the type for the cover and colophon, printed the images and hand tied the binding informs the assembled photographs.  The photographs, of a place which is not his home, become a portrait of a photographer with a careful eye.  Someone who wants to show the same attention to the way the images will be experienced as that shown to their composition.  This is Not My Sky is a visual and physical inspiration.  He has made this book under the imprint Extant Books.  Lovely since extant is defined as still in existence; not extinct or destroyed or lost.  Care in art making should not be extinct or lost.

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