Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Challenging Vision

The issues in my work are often of a similar nature with an abstract edge. Though I build on past experience, I attempt to eradicate previous habits of seeing and thinking. I keep searching for what is visually new to me while always hoping that a fusion of form and content will take place.
Barbara Crane, 2002

Do you feel good about your work?  Do you feel like you are getting a lot done, moving forward, exploring new ways of seeing and making others see?  Do you feel pretty good about having a handle on the technical requirements of photography?  Then I advise you do not go to Barbara Crane Challenging Vision  at the Chicago Cultural Center through January 10, 2010.

I was there Saturday and felt as though I had been taken, metaphorically, to the woodshed.  No excuses, no explanations, no permissions asked.  Work, and more work, and more work.  Every thing, every form, every media.  Humbling, inspiring.

Spend time on her web site to get a taste of the experience.  A well made catalog covering the exhibit and her career is available through Amazon.

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